Manifesting the Power of Third Eye (with scriptural evidences revealed by SPH Nithyananda)

Extraordinary Powers of the Third Eye

Every human being has been gifted with the pineal gland, the cosmic growing center between our brows and the innate possibility for a superconscious breakthrough. The expression of the breakthrough manifests as Shaktis when initiated by a living Avatar who is able to transmit the truths and initiation by the masses effortlessly which brings about the inner healing and transformation, raising human being to the next level of conscious awakening.

Beautiful SPH Nithyananda whom we lovingly call Swamiji says:

“The Third Eye is a natural superpower available to every human being. Just like the two eyes you have, you have a third possibility, with which you can perceive not only the whole world, but the whole cosmos. It is called your Third Eye, and it is located at the point between your eyebrows and nose. It is known as an intra-organ. Your heart and lungs are internal organs, whereas your Third Eye is an intra-organ. It can be used not only to see, but to hear, touch, feel and work as well.

Awakening the Third Eye is not a mystical process alone. Its effects can be directly experienced in your very physical plane. It has clear defined powers that can help you explore not just the mystical path and spiritual experiences, but make so many extraordinary things happen in your day-to-day life.”

Shāstra Pramāna: Reference from Hindu Vedic Scriptures to Manifest Powers of Third Eye

कपालान्तर् मनोन्यस्य तिष्ठन् मीलित लोचनः |

क्रमेन मनसो दाढ्यार्त् लक्षयेल-् लक्ष्यम्-उत्तमम् || ३४ ||

kapālāntar-mano nyasa tiṣṭhan-mīlita locanaḥ |kramena manaso dārḍhyāt lakṣayel-lakṣyam-uttamam || 34||


By fixing the mind on the inner space within the crown center and sitting stably without any movement having the eyes closed, in succession, by that stability of the mind and inner space (through the power of the third eye), one directly sees the ultimate goal [lakshyam] by having the vision beyond the sight, that reveals any object or place, attaining the space of Oneness with the Source, Paramashiva.

Āpta pramāna: Krishna Initiates Arjuna into Third Eye

न तु मां शक्यसे द्रष्टुमनेनैव स्वचक्षुषा |

दिव्यं ददामि ते चक्षु: पश्य मे योगमैश्वरम् || 8||

Bhagavan Krishna says to Arjuna:

But you cannot see my cosmic form with these physical eyes of yours. Therefore, I grant you divine third-eye vision. Behold my cosmic opulence!

In the Hindu Purana Bhagavad Gita, Bhagwan Krishna initiates Arjuna into the power of third eye to behold Krishna’s Vishwarupa darshan (the vision of His cosmic form). The 11th chapter of Bhagavad Gita which contains the description of Bhagwan Krishna’s cosmic form is completely narrated by Arjuna, as he sees Bhagwan Krishna through the third eye.

Ātma Pramāna: HDH Bhagavan Nithyananda Paramashivam First Manifestation of Third Eye Power

In Swamiji’s own words:

“The first experiences that I was able to see everything around Me, above Me, the whole 360 degree, ten directions, below Me, everything, I realized not only I was able to see, I was able to feel, experience. I felt that the skin of the stone on which I was sitting and the skin of this body both carry Me equally; in both I exist equally. The air, the breeze, the setting sun, raising moon, the whole Arunachala hill, all the plants, bush, shrubs, trees, everything, everything, everything, just become so alive! The idea something is inside, and something is outside, is completely lost. First I was able to see all the ten directions 360 degree, the next moment itself I realized, not only I’m able to see, I’m able to experience all of that as Me.”

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