Crickets— how to kill eggs before they hatch or as soon as they hatch?

Hello! I live at an apartment complex and last summer we had an extremely overwhelming amount of crickets in our patio area— they were so loud every night that we could hear them clearly out the window, and they were just around even when we were outside, so many of them unafraid and just sitting around. Occasionally, one would somehow make it into our apartment. ANYWAYS- obviously as fall came the activity died down with the cold temperatures, but it’s starting to get warmer out now and i’m terrified they are plotting a comeback. I’ve read that eggs can survive in the soil and hatch in the spring, and with the amount we had last summer i’m positive there’s a lot of eggs out in our patio area in the soil surrounding it. Is there a way to kill the eggs before they hatch or something we could spray in the soil so they die as soon as they hatch? We don’t plant anything outside either so we aren’t scared about killing any plants, all we have are weeds right now (which i’m going to pick/ clean up to de clutter and further discourage crickets). Anyways, any tips are appreciated! I’m not opposed to using toxic/ chemical stuff, as we don’t have children or any pets. i just want the crickets GONE!

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