Understanding Remote Viewing Devices Spying Cameras from Energetic Synthesis

Hi everyone my name is Nick. I'm writing this article to expose the cameras used in the Cult Energetic Synthesis.

I want to make this VERY CLEAR. I'm not on here to whine or complain about my harassment.

As always, these posts are purely retaliation against the constant threats and psychic harassment thrown my way.


I was in this cult for only 2 months before realizing the predator situation that it is. If you are curious about the abuse or my stories just check out my articles or my subbreddit. r/ESCULTsurvivors

The abuse has been ongoing for over a year and a few months now.

So Ill start by saying every day I usually see these "Cameras" in my third eye. Its about 4-7 times a day. The best way I can describe them is some "energetic camera". They look like video cameras, sometimes they look like iphone cameras. I've had experiences in my dream state where I'll wake up astral project. And ill see cameras on my wall, or at the foot of my bed. Like they are just watching me sleep. Really fucking creepy. When I first got into es I remember waking up and seeing this MASSIVE I don't even know it wasn't a camera but it was some really weird looking things like a data collection system or something. Just like sitting right above my body. When I'm astral projecting or lucid dreaming and I see these things I just smash them and break them into bits. When I see them in my third eye I imagine, reaching in and throwing it in a mental garbage can. The SECOND I reach in and remove it, Another camera pops up.

When I was with ES. You had to pay the leaders to remove these devices for you. Or clear the implants for you.

When I was with ES. They called these things "Spying Devices". I don't know how this all works but ES steals energy and manipulates it into form and manifests it into reality. They do tons of things with energy include make this "Energetic Grid" on earth.

What these devices do:

They take tabs on you.

They collect things from your mind such as people you're friends, family.

past memories from all the way to early childhood.

thought forms,

and they also see what you are doing in REAL TIME almost as if they see through your own eyes what you experience.

Remote viewing

Again, I have no idea how this all works. But over the year and a few months of me being abused I know that this is what these cameras do.

I have experiences of me watching some videos online. Like impractical jokers. Funny show. So I'm sitting there watching the show. And after I'm done its like ill see scenes from those show repeat in my mind in a distorted image. Like someone was watching me and saw exactly what I saw. This happens with EVERYTHING. Like when you're driving and you see something, or at my job they'll send me distorted images of my coworkers, or of the scenery. I work at a nursery and water plants. And ill get these distorted images of watering plants like replaying in my mind.

Now everyone I've spoken with that has come forth has mentioned THESE CAMERAS. They are specifically linked to this cult. Energetic Synthesis. Cult Leader LISA RENEE.

Now that explanation can definitely be cause for concern. Prior to me joining ES. I had no mental illness whatsoever and had an extremely positive mindset. When I joined ES is when I started seeing the cameras at night, cameras in my third eye. And I started getting distorted images of everything.

I've also had experiences where they say stuff like "Smile for the camera" "Were watching you" "You're on video". Stuff like this. Also I've had experiences of meeting this people in my sleep or astral projection where I see tons of TV's and monitors and it feels like they just record people and watch people behind these screens all day.

Obviously, this stuff is kinda out there. And when you hear someone say they feel like someone is watching them or using cameras to "spy on them" alot of people jump to mental illness or schizophrenia. Unfortunately these predators want people to seem as schizophrenic and mentally ill as possible… But everyone I've talked to about this cult talks about these cameras and spying devices. How they see them in their third eye. How it feels like they know everything about the person. How it feels like they always know exactly what you're thinking about.

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