Why would house spiders be biting me multiple times every night in my sleep?

I apologize for this being long, but I wanted to be very thorough with the details. 7 days ago, I woke up I the morning with 8 extremely itchy bug bites on my abdomen, back and groin area. The bites become dark red welts after I scratched them, and continued to itch intensely for days. They also weirdly seemed to appear in pairs most of the time. I proceeded to wash all of my clothes/bedding and inspect my living space- no sign of bugs at all. Thinking some bug must have got in my clothes at the park, I shrugged it off. 2 days later, I wake up with 5 more of the same bites. These bites sometimes appeared even in places that were covered by my clothing. At this point I was pretty freaked out, so I called an exterminator to do an inspection, but they found nothing. The next day, 4 more bites on my neck leg and foot. The day after that, I slept at a friend's house. No bites. Which brings me to last night. I slept in my own bed again, feeling defeated at this point and just hoping that the bites would stop happening, but at 4am I woke up scratching a brand new spot. I was so paranoid and freaked out, I couldn't get back to sleep. So I turned on my bedside light and just kinda sat there staring at my bed for awhile… thats when I saw it. A little light brown spider, about the size of a dime including leg span. It was crawling on my comforter. Instant panic. I am TERRIFIED of spiders. In that moment I realized what I've been experiencing MUST be spider bites… but why? All of my research has lead me to think that spider bites are extremely rare, it doesn't make sense that I went from having no bites at all to 8 in one night all of the sudden. I'm baffled. Here's another thing- I am obsessed with houseplants. I have a lot of plants in my bedroom, and now that spring has sprung they're a bit infested with fungus gnats, which doesn't really bother me on its own- I keep them at bay with glue traps. But it occurred to me that I may be providing a plentiful food source for the spiders, and maybe that's why they've arrived in such high numbers that I'm being eaten alive by them. Almost 20 bites in 7 days! What the hell? I am living in my own personal hell, my bedroom is typically my safe space and it feels extremely unsafe right now. My landlord is sending an exterminator today to take care of the situation, thankfully, but part of me still wonders if it might not be spiders, considering everything I've read about them not usually biting humans. I do toss and turn a lot in my sleep usually. I was hoping that someone could have some insight here, and hoping that someone has a similar story to mine since I haven't read anything relatable to my situation. Thank you if you've read this far!

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