A 16 year old boy was murdered by his ‘friends’ 9 years ago. To this day, I still cry over it, even when everyone else has forgotten about him.

(Just to preface I have BPD and also mild OCD)

A 16 year old boy was murdered by his 'friends' 9 years ago. To this day, I still cry over it, even when everyone else has forgotten about him.

I don't know why, but this death always makes me feel IMMENSELY sad whenever I think about it. It was in Winter, the 16 year old boy was having some kind of night out with his friends. I'm not sure how long he'd known these friends, but he was seen at at a McDonald's with these friends, and wasn't seen alive again. The boy was reported as missing and a search was underway. Early the next morning, he was found in his car in the middle of nowhere, dead and half-frozen. He'd been choked to death and from what I recall it was quite violent as bruises were repeatedly mentioned.

The suspects were never charged due to insufficient evidence. None of the boy's belongings were taken and no motive was revealed. The case remains officially 'unsolved' to this day and from what I recall only one or two YouTube narrators ever mentioned the case with updates. It's like everyone just..forgot about him. His death didn't even get into the national news and it was only mentioned in a few papers.

I just think, it must've been so scary to be alone at night in the middle of nowhere with a group of three friends who seemed completely normal up until that point with him in the car with them, then they (for no apparent reason) turned on him and killed him. That's like a living nightmare. Then to add insult to injury the suspects were never charged so the kid (and his girlfriend) doesn't even have any closure.

This case kind of makes me want ghosts/spirits to not be real, because if his ghost/spirit is still wandering around, I feel like your murderers getting away with murder would be absolute torture and you still don't know why they just killed you out of the blue in a really painful slow way. If that happened to me I think I'd have a massive mental breakdown in my mind as I died.

I wish there just could have been someone walking by so they could've saved him. Then he'd still be alive.

He'd be 25 years old now. Sometimes I get reminded of his death and I cry. I imagine the terror he went through and the fear, the hopelessness, the terrified look on his face, the feeling of betrayal, how it was all dark/alone in that car, everything. For some reason he tends to come up in my dreams a lot, like I'll dream that it comes up in the newspaper that he made some miraculous recovery in the hospital, and he awoke from a coma and he's still alive. I get excited and happy, then I wake up and realize it's just a dream and he's gone.

I keep feeling his sadness, and thoughts running through his head like ''why are you doing this to me'' or ''they're killing me and nobody's around to help'' and ''is this a nightmare''. Recently I saw a video of what a body looks like at various days/years after death and by now his clothes would look all torn and he'd be mostly bones by now. I had to stop the video because it made me think about him in that state and I cried for hours. I imagine him bleeding from his eyes, nose and mouth before he died and it makes me cry.

If I ever travel to the town/state he died in, I'd make it a point to get some flowers for him and leave them at his grave.

(To the boy) even though I never knew you I hope that wherever you are right now, you're safe. I really hope you aren't suffering or in pain anymore and wherever you are, I hope you're happy.

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