When you argue all day with f***ed up parents who treat animals like they’re toys. Venting ughhh

Venting like a messed up person.

I was the one attached to the fish & I don’t want to take care of anymore. They weren’t emotionally attached like I was. I actually trained one fish and got her to do tricks. Never was attached the fish and I never liked fish before I met this one fish and they felt like actual pet. They were suppose to live 20 years and died after 1. So many fish died and I told my parents not to get anymore, that I wasn’t going to help take care of them, & they just got a guy to give them more fish in 2 weeks. they don’t care if they take die or not. I tried convincing them to get plants instead & I told them over and over that they aren’t toys and you need to take care of them. Kept saying that their actions affect other people & not just themselves

Gotta love it when you parents say “I don’t care. It’s my house and I can do what I want and you’re ruining my dreams.”

I feel really bad for the animals.

So pissed off with my fucken mentally ill messed up parents about so much

Can’t get out of this fucked up place

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