Trying to identify an “infestation” I didn’t notice in Portland, OR.

Does anyone recognize these?

I'm trying to identify an infestation* of hundreds of tiny brown bugs, measuring 1.2-1.5mm long, 1mm wide, and nearly flat/thin shield-shaped. They are all along a windowsill and on a plastic mat (laid across a wood dresser) where I have several potted plants in terra cotta. There are a smaller number (few dozen) on some leaves of plants. There are an even smaller (a dozen or so) on a polyester cat tree adjacent to the sill and dresser. The shape, color, and striations appear – if you can imagine – as if you had a dessicated or bloodless adult bedbug missing its head and thorax. I cannot see antennae or legs. I do see a lot of white objects, slightly smaller than the bugs, as if eggs, castings, molting. I do not see these brown things moving, I even wonder if they're dead, but then I cannot tell how they would have gotten onto leaves and that I would have missed it until seeing hundreds now. And I do see some carpet beetles (seen in photos below), which appear dead, but I have found 1 alive.

*I question if they still qualify as an infestation if they might be dead. If you recognize them, what do you recommend I do next? I plan to vacuum the area, empty drawers and examine them, pull the furniture from windowsill to examine the space, put the plants outdoors, and hand-wash/scrub the surfaces.

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