Wood chips and Termites

I may done something boneheaded. I recently added quite a lot of wood chips around my raised garden beds. The wood chips are locally sourced and free from my local city arborist, which is why I thought it might be a good idea. The area of wood chips is close to my house, within just a few feet, and I have the wood chips probably within inches of my foundation. I have read quit a few opposing ideas regarding wood chips and how they are either good or bad and potentially a termite nightmare. I did have my home treated with Termidor a year ago, from a termite specialist, although I do not recall him digging any trenches around the perimeter of my home. We had the Termidor applied due to swarming termites in my family room, and since then we have not seen any evidence of termite activity. I have looked at different products to use to try and prevent termites from finding a safe haven in the wood chips, but most if not all are not recommended/safe around vegetables. I want to be proactive and try to prevent termites from establishing themselves so close to my home. Would it be worth me setting up my own bait stations around the wood chips? Or just apply diatomaceous earth, or nematodes if I see any termite activity? Or will my home be protected/ok since I had the Termidore application and it’s supposed to have a 10 year lifetime? Thanks for any advice/tips

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