Safe rat poop clean up

My mom and grandma have a LOT of rat droppings in their garages. They wanted to vacuum it up with a shop vac, then sanitize it things. But I’m concerned it’s not safe to do that. I thought I read a while back that the CDC says it’s not safe to vacuum rat droppings up bc of viruses or something? I wanted to hire someone to clean it properly but we don’t have the money (it’s expensive). So looking to do it ourselves if possible.

Is it safe vacuum it up? Will the shop vac be safe to use after? I’m concerned we won’t be able to get the shop vac disinfected enough to use it elsewhere. If we can’t vacuum, what is the safest way to clean the garages.

Sorry I might be overly paranoid but I’m just concerned about the safety of my family.

Background info. Both my mom and grandma live in the suburbs of Los Angeles with lots of trees, ivy, fruit trees, lots of plants, so aren’t city trash rats. I was told they might be fruit rats. I’m not sure if this makes a difference in terms of what viruses they carry.

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