Need help getting rid of tiny black ants, nothing has worked so far

Year round I've got these teeny tiny black ants on literally everything. Inside flowers (especially here- they come in big numbers on flowers), inside corn husks, on trees, on greens, on tomatoes, on okra, even inside my car, literally on everything. They don't seem to do anything, don't even bite in my experience, and I'm not sure what they eat, but god are they annoying. Any veggies I bring in, they seem to spring out of nowhere on them and they're a pain to get off. The spinosad I spread for fire ants doesn't affect them, nor does other traditional ant poisons and baits I've tried. I've even made my own mixtures with boric acid using honey, syrup, grease, and nothing attracts them. I can't find them either- I see them all the time, but I've never seen/dug up an actual nest of them. Does anyone have experience getting rid of them, or even know what type of ant they are? I'm losing my mind over them.

This is the best pic I can get of one-

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