How to be safe from creepy neighbor

I live in a large city that regularly ranks in the top ten most unsafe cities in America. That's never really bothered me before, but a few months ago I got a new neighbor and he really freaks me out.

He lives across the street from me. He spends a lot of time outside his apartment which faces mine. When my blinds are open (which they are almost all day for the sake of my sanity), he can easily see into my little office nook, kitchen, and bedroom. I really don't think he's trying to watch me, but he certainly has his eyes on my apartment often. Since I work from home now, he could conceivably watch me for the entire day.

We also have assigned parking and my spot is right in front of his apartment.

He asks a lot about my comings and goings. He knows my schedule. He knows my car. He knows I live alone. He also knows other things about me that I can't figure out how he learned.

He's also kinda obsessed with my dog. I mean she's amazing, but it's weird. He really wants her to like him, but she seems afraid of him.

Recently, I came home and noticed that my outdoor potted plants were all out of place. There could be a totally innocuous reason for that, but I'm worried that someone, maybe him, was looking for a spare key. I used to keep one there until I decided it was too obvious. I gave it to a friend instead.

All this is to say, he makes me uneasy. Maybe I'm a terrible self-important person and he's actually just a nice lonely man who is bored and wants to make friends. Even if I'm terrible, I feel like I just have to go with my gut on this one.

If I'm going to go outside, I check to see if he's out too. If possible, I wait for him to go away before I step out. I don't initiate conversation and when he does, I try to be polite but off-putting. Other than that, I don't know what to do to make myself unappealing. Do you have any advice?

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