What to expect from treatment?

I have not 100% confirmed at this point, but all the signs are pointing to it: we have fleas. I assume the source is our recently-adopted dog (I had purchased flea and tick prevention for her but haven't started giving it to her yet…ugh). I have been extremely itchy (bites all over my body, sometimes in clusters of 2 – 3 bites) and the dog and two cats have been itchy, too. I found some brownish dust on my white bedspread a week ago. I wasn't sure what it was so I just washed it at the time, but looking back I suspect it was flea excrement. We have also noticed a couple of skinny bugs on the cat(s).

I am looking into professional treatment, but wondering – what can I expect? With professional treatment, do I need to wash my clothes? Will the house plants be okay? Furniture? Do I need to remove food from the house? I guess I'm a little worried about chemical residue in my living space- should I be? Do I need to wipe down kitchen surfaces after treatment? Pros and cons of big-name pest control vs. local companies? Should the yard be treated? (would a landlord cover this cost?)

I am trying to stay calm but honestly am completely freaking out. Any advice and/ or reassurance would be appreciated!

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