I’ve learned to navigate my heart and now live my childhood dream.

I read the Lost Art of Heart Navigation by Nixa, and explored my inner child. Oh my…

I have a silly little Pony Pals journal from 1996, that says when I grow up, " I want to ride horses and ponys and get paid for it. "

After being sober from drugs and alcohol along with deep long mediations, I started to remember the things I truly loved; the things that called to me when I was a child. Those things are the real you. You wernt conditioned to love those things by society; they were natural. I've always been drawn to plants and animals, and it seemed like society tried to smash that out of me. I was taught I should move to a big city and work some corporate job and make a lot of money. Nothing wrong with that if it's what makes you happy. But I was not.

I felt the spirit of horses calling me as I searched my heart answers. I asked the universe and I called on "the Great Horse Spirit" to call right on back to me. I wrote it down. I made it tangible.I got a job on Craigslist cleaning stalls and horse grooming, and it was there I saw the biggest and most beauitful horse in my life. She stood almost 19 hands (huge) and was the embodiment of the Great Horse Spirit I called for. She was a 50 thousand dollar horse! Not some nag, or run of the mill mare. This thing had power!

I've been working with horses for a few years now, and it now seems silly that I went so long confused on what to do with my life! I can't live any other way now. I spend mornings on a heavenly farm in Iowa, where I watch the hot pink sunrise burst out over the fields at 5 am, and I call to my 17 friends from the forest for feeding time 🙂 It is my own personal and internal heaven.

My inner child and spirit guides are squealing! They are partying! This is what it feels like when you follow YOUR heart, and nobody else's! Thank you for reading this if you did, and I wish this feeling of deep gratitude and blessedness and pure goodness on all those who pursue their Heart 🙂

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