You are a miracle

Yes, you are, a miracle. And there are many reasons why you are a miracle. You exist out of the whole universe. Out of everything, or out of nothing. It depends how you want to call it. The whole universe has come together to create you, and besides that you are the universe. Isn't that a wonderful thing? If you ever feel like you are not good enough. That you are just someone who is not worth living. Remember that the whole universe has come together for you, remember that you are the universe. Everything in your body is made up out of elements which are non human elements. Your body exists out of the earth, wind, fire, and water. And all these transformations which can be seen as miracles are happening to create your body. You eat an apple and the apple becomes you, isn't that a miracle? The same applies for all the other living beings on planet earth. The flowers, the trees, the birds, the fish, the insects, it are all miracles. And it goes even further than only planet earth. Planet earth exists because of the universe. Imagine life without the sun.

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