Just Exist

You are a tiny little being on a planet in the middle of space.

In the middle of absolutely nowhere.

You are simply an energy exchange in the cosmos.

The sunlight and rain give life to beautiful plants, and then the plants give us energy when we consume them with pleasure.

Our bodies use the energy so we may do whatever we please, and when we are done extracting energy from the food we’ve consumed, we release it from our bodies and it becomes a nourishing fertilizer for new plants to grow.

We take in water to hydrate ourselves and we return it back to the earth.

We breathe in the oxygen the trees have made, and they take in the carbon dioxide we breathe out and turn it into oxygen again.

We are in harmony with nature in this way, and it is a good exchange.

We do this every day, and every day is a new beginning.

We rise with the sun when it visits us in the morning and we sleep when it goes away.

The sun is our companion, it gives life to our planet. It is the mother and the source of all energy.

And all around the world the wonderful variety of creatures take turns living their lives in the sunlight, as it travels around the earth shining with warmth on everything it touches along the way.

As you end your day, others begin theirs, as you begin your day, others end theirs.

We are only here for a temporary amount of time, and when we leave, we too return to the earth, just like all the beings that have lived before us.

Your life only has the meaning that you choose to give to it.

You don’t have a single obligation, everything is a choice, and the beauty in life is being able to take from it as little or as much as you would like to.

We are like waves in the ocean, beautiful and impermanent. We all get a chance to experience life, and then we return back to the earth from which we came.

And just like you are one of many little beings living on a planet, there is a whole galaxy of life inside of you.

A variety of cells all going about their existence keeping your body in balance. The bacteria in your gut is its own little universe.

You are on a planet full of wonderful creatures, and you are a planet full of wonderful creatures.

Everything is infinitely connected in this way.

You are a microcosm of existence.

No matter what you feel, no matter what happens, nothing is permanent and the only thing that is certain, is that one day you will leave this existence.

So don’t worry about anything, because none of it matters.

You are just a tiny flash in the cosmos. A fluke of energy.

Let it go.

Just let it go.

Everything you do is impermanent, and everything you see around you will one day be gone.

You have absolutely nothing to worry about.

Just enjoy your slice of life.

Just experience being alive.

Nobody says you have to do anything.

You are not the thoughts in your mind, or the feelings in your body.

You are merely the one observing them.

Let them go.

Let it all go.

Remember that you grew from this world just like everything else on it, and you have every right to be here.

Know that you are enough as you are, and you are loved.

There are no wrong decisions, everything is as it should be.

You deserve to be here.

And you deserve to be happy.

Just relax, and experience the present moment.

Tomorrow will deal with itself, and yesterday is already gone.

All you have is this moment right here, right now.

Feel your heart beating, it is the pulse of the universe.

It is the product of pure energy.

It is a product of love.

And there is nothing you have to do.

There is nothing you have to think about or say.

There is nothing but this very moment.

Just let go.

Let go, and be here.

Be here now.

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