Spiritual signs

I would like to share an experience regarding the spirit of a bat who came to visit me like 5 minutes ago whilst I was smoking in the back garden. Lately I've been trying to let go of what's left of how I used to live my life, what I done to get my money etc. However, like always, something came up which pushed my buttons and I got into some trouble, long story short someone got battered black and blue and one of my friends has been stabbed because of it. I have already lost a friend to being stabbed, I do not live this life anymore. Insstead, over the past year I have picked up a lifestyle of spiritual growth and light work, I have followed my lifelong intuition of being somewhat different to others around me and later found out I am what people would call naturally awake to the magic of our universe. So, for me to get roped into some shit like this once again with such an outcome, has left my questioning myself and my beliefs for about a week now. I got involved because a family member was in danger, but I have came to realise once again that everything happens for a reason, and I was being too ignorant to see the lesson being shown to me. Looking back, I now realise that this family member will never change his ways like I have changed mine no matter how much I have helped him or told him otherwise, and therefore, I have made the decision to have nothing to do with him anymore. My older friend who got stabbed has been there for me more than anybody has ever, more than anyone will understand, he is well and I have not long got back from working with him actually. But getting back to the bat, its spirit shown me that a part of me has died, something that I needed to let go, and now is the time to focus more on spiritual growth more than ever. I see signs every day, but to be honest, I find it hard to interpret them. But this one was easy, I felt that gut feeling that I used to feel when I was younger and didn't fill my body with so much chemicals

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