My mum taught me these 12 Life Lessons

1. 02:33 – Unless you love a girl, don’t sleep with her. Your actions create consequences to others, and they are consequences that you may not actually feel.
2. 06:22 – Stay true to yourself. People won’t always like you and you don’t have to care.
3. 10:35 – Do the right thing, even when it’s hard.
4. 14:32 – Surround yourself with people you trust.
5. 15:41 – Stay close to God. You are in this world, but you are not of this world. Whenever something bad is happening, don’t ask God, “Why is this happening to me?” ask God, “How can I cope with this?”
6. 19:44 – You’re very smart.
7. 21:14 – Get an education. Education is going to make you a living, and self-development is going to make you a fortune.
8. 23:28 – Take food to people who need it.
9. 24:44 – Take care of the elderly. The sunset is as beautiful as the sunrise.
10. 25:56 – Holidays don’t have to be expensive. I remember being very happy camping in our vegetable garden during the school holidays.
11. 29:00 – Be happy with where you are now.
12. 31:01 – Stuff doesn’t matter, connection does.

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