i need some help..

okay.. here’s what i experienced yesterday afternoon while trying to take a nap; – i couldn’t fall asleep so i turned my phone on to check the time and it was 3:33pm. All i know is after i turned my phone off, i fell half asleep, i was still half awake and was well aware of my surroundings, but also able to dream/have visions. My eyes were closed.. i started having this dream/vision of a human (couldn’t tell gender), whose face i couldn’t see. i could see their body (until neck). They were wearing yellow clothes and sewing. the clothes they were sewing were also yellow and had sunflowers in them (sunflowers are my favourite type of flowers). It suddenly switched to a red theme, this time everything red and the flowers represented, were red roses. I started feeling very safe, loved etc.. the person tried to change the angle that they were sitting so that maybe i could peek their face, but i think i couldn’t receive it.. keep in mind, i was aware that this was a dream and that i’m asleep, i think my brain was still awake and i was paying close attention to what the person was trying to tell me. at some point the word “spirit guide” popped up on my head.. then i woke up. can someone interpret for me? i’m so confused so i’d deeply appreciate it..

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