Just need to vent

Hey i donno how this works but i really need to vent it all out because I am sure that what i am facing is definitely some sort of mental torture. It all started about 4years ago when i was about 15 ig. My mom got some severe back issues and was prescribed some shitty pain meds which had major reactions to her brain functioning. During that period all she did was be intoxicated and even when we stopped the medicine she started having minor paralysis attacks and was bedridden.

As my father had to go to job everyone decided that calling my "grandmother" would be the best option as grandmothers are supposed to care about the kids right? Well my grandmother basically made me and my mother starve. She used to make food for herself and my dad and then if someone asked she would tell that we have already eaten. She used to play games and frame me for petty things that made my image as that of a lier in front of everyone.

I remember getting some food when noone was around and feeding my semi unconscious mom. I could not even leave for school since she used to lock my mom in the room the entire day and this led to me not meeting the minimum attendance to pass out from school so i had to tell the school department about my situation and when they discussed it with my father, this grandmother of mine idk how painted the picture that i am a lazy liar and she never did anything wrong. However my teacher believed me and helped me pass out. Slowly but steadily mom got better, evil grandmother vent away and i also got into college.

Then comes covid, suddenly everything is back to where it all started. I have to stay at home, grandmother is back because we can't leave old people alone right now. In this period of struggle we should become each other's strength right but this lady doesn't care. She plants weird evidence and somehow frame me.

A few days back she turned the gas on which resulted to a fire in the kitchen and guess who got blamed because i work during night so i must be the one turning it on. Aftter that she left the water running and the storage got empty again i was blamed.

But that was still tolerable, limit exceeded when she started spreading her excretion on the entire washroom floor and blamed me for that too. Even when i prove her weird games the only response i do get is that she is elder, Don't talk bad about her in a bad way.

I mean how to you win with such unwinnable situation. I am just waiting for this lockdown to end and getting my life back.

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