I haven’t talked to almost anyone in over a year.

I’m an adult that has just gotten diagnosed with ADHD and I was wondering if this thing might somehow be related to my ADHD. I am extremely lonely, I literally don’t have anyone to talk to except my mother. I’m not sure why this is, I don’t really have anxiety when I’m around other people and I never thought of myself as an introvert. To me it seems as if after high school everyone just drifted away from me for some reason. All I know is that I’m an adult and I have no friends and nobody to talk to. It kind of sucks because I pass a lot of hours of my day, probably most of my day actually, just laying down on my bed in my room, not doing anything and just waiting for something to happen. I often take long naps and then wake up in the middle of the night, go to eat some junk food even tho I’m not actually hungry, and then start trying to call random people that I haven’t talked to in ages, nobody ever picks up, nobody ever calls me back, it’s as if I’m invisible. Nobody blocks me tho. But nobody acknowledges me either. It’s weird. I’m a quite handsome guy, I used to be very much into working out and I’m still in pretty good shape, I always thought of myself as a guy with a decent personality and most importantly always willing to help anyone in need. I’m also quite wealthy and I can afford to do a lot of things and I was always willing to pay for everyone else as well, I was always the guy that offered to buy dinner for everyone or pay for taxis and gifts and stuff like that. However I literally have nobody, and so I just call random people up at night but nobody picks up. I live in a small mansion on top of a hill 10 minutes away from the center of the city. A quite luxury location with very few neighbors and people around. I have a big garden but I never go out. So maybe that also plays a role, at the same time tho it’s so easy for me to go anywhere or for anyone to come to me. I even have a home gym but I’ve completely stopped working out since almost a year. I kind of feel like a prisoner in an isolation cell. I mean my life is good, I have nothing to worry about financially and nobody hates me. I have a good family and life and I’m grateful for it. However I feel as if something is just missing, It’s as if I’m just existing for my next tasty junk meal and masturbation session. And I’m like is this all there is to life? Hahah By the way, I’m 23 for anyone wondering. I didn’t go to college because I have quite severe ADHD and Europe only acknowledged ADHD as a true mental illness in 2015 and most doctors here to this day don’t know much about it. That’s why I’m only getting diagnosed now. Let’s see if these ADHD meds help a bit… and if anyone has any tips for me to be more social or make my life better and have more people around me please let me know thank you

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