Spitituality and allergies

I (23F) was wondering if some of you did some research or know about this topic.I have allergies to all animals with hairs and to lots a plants/trees. I read several books on the psychosomatic cause of diseases / health issues but I can't find much for allergies.

I think my allergies started when I was between 1 and 3 years old. I read something about internal conflicts causing this kind of trouble or the fact of "loosing" your true self.I have been working on myself for maybe 15 years ( I was born in a very spiritual family so the practice of meditation, energetic healing and so, was in our education) while doing so I healed personal and ancestral stuffs but for now I can't seem to find a way for this allergy situation.

I love nature and animals and it sadden me that each time I go to my family or friends who have animals or go in the fields ans forest I start having eczema, runny nose and asthma crisis.

All those thing can be cause by inflammation and so can be pointed to the liver who is connected to anger and stress. I am working on this as well and I feel I'm doing pretty good, still I don't see change in the allergy department.

I think that working on the left manipura chakra could be helpful, do you have any idea of which chakra is to be taken care of for this situation? Or do you have insights for a correlation between spirituality and allergies?

I hope I'm posting this in the right subreddit and will understand if I need to move it elsewhere.

Please consider that English is not my first language so some sentence or word association can be a bit of (I don't know, I think, maybe ahah)

Thanks in advance fo you responses. I'm sending love you way.

edit: orthograph and grammar

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