Got water splashed in eye while wearing daily soft contacts – worried about Acanthomoeba Keratitis

Hey everyone, a question about AK after an incident where I got water in my eye while wearing contacts (daily disposables). I was in the pub garden with friends and we had some tap water on the table in these fancy bottles where you have to kind of push the lid off and it’s attached by a metal wire. Well I opened it and the lid motion shot tap water straight into my left eye. Having read about the dangers of water, contacts and AK recently online I freaked out a little. Luckily I always carry some spare contacts with me in my wallet, so I went to the loos removed my contacts and put a fresh pair in. I did wash and dry my hands before doing this, but I am also a bit grossed out that the pub toilets probably aren’t the cleanest so hopefully it was okay to change my lenses in there.

I have OCD and anxiety so since I’ve been thinking that because I removed the lenses and put new ones in straight away, maybe could there still be some residential tap water in my eye that got transferred to the new lens and could cause an infection? I did blink a few times after taking the splashed lenses out and putting the new ones in.

Anyway, when I got home a few hours later I was still worried so I removed the new lenses again and put in another fresh pair for the rest of the evening.

Could I have gotten AK from this incident or the way I handled my lenses in this instance – eg changing them straight away without leaving them out for a bit after the water exposure?

And if so how quickly would an infection show up, is it a matter of a couple of days or could it start coming like a week later?

Thank you for your insights!

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