I think my sister is having a mental breakdown and I don’t know what to do

Hi guys. I’m sorry if this is not the correct subreddit to post in but it is one of the only relevant ones I have found. This post is also going to be quite long as well so I understand if you don’t want to read it but I think I need to give a good bit of context to the situation.

I have a younger sister (20) who appears to be having a very serious mental breakdown right now and I don’t know what to do. Our mother died a little over two years ago and it caused a lot of damage in my family. Basically, my father was physically and verbally abusive to us all for years. My mother and I bore the brunt of it. My two younger sisters only suffered his abuse on rare occasions. My earliest memory is from about the age of 3 and it is of him punching me in the face. My father has always blamed his behaviour on his altercations with police. My father reported a police officer for a crime he was planning to commit (this happened the year I was born) and this police officer went on to be convicted for this crime. Because of this our local police force had a vendetta against my father. They pretty much destroyed his life and my mother, sisters and I were collateral damage. They ruined his reputation in our town, closed down his business leaving our family penniless and turned the rest of his family against him. He took his anger out on us.

When my mother died, I realised that his behaviour towards me was probably going to escalate and I was right. A month after she died there was a very violent incident, and I knew I couldn’t live there anymore as it would not be safe for me. I was spending the next academic year studying abroad so I knew I only had to survive the summer. I went completely nocturnal to avoid him as much as possible. Then I went abroad at the end of September 2019 and cut all communication with them up until a week ago.

My father and middle sister began sending me emails about my youngest sister and what they said was very concerning. Apparently, she was walking around in a trance, behaving very erratically, and had stopped doing any university work. They even sent me some videos and it was obvious from them that there is something seriously wrong with her. I knew my mother would have wanted me to at least try and help her so I answered their emails. Allegedly she started behaving like this after they went to the wake of a friend of my father who died of COVID. This was the first dead person she had seen since my mother. When they were driving home they had car troubles. It kept cutting out and whenever it did she would scream and shout at my father about how stupid and useless is he. This is very out of character for her as I would consider her a very introverted person. She behaved like that for a few days and then my father had a talk with her. She commented that the family friend probably had no idea he would affect someone like that when he died and they agreed to go and visit his grave once the COVID restrictions are eased. They said she was back to her normal self for a few days and then she began acting even more erratic.

She thinks the house is bugged and everyone is out to get her. She destroyed her laptop and phone. Apparently, she spent a couple days walking around the house in a bathrobe with nothing on underneath. She has stopped doing any of her online learning for university. She goes for several very long walks every day, her feet are literally covered in blood. Sometimes in the forest near the house or into town. She stops and talks nonsense with a lot of people on the street. One day she even walked to our old secondary school and the principal was so concerned with the way she was behaving that she came to the house to talk with my father. They brought her to the supermarket another day and she insisted on getting a massive tin of WD40 and would not tell them why she wanted it. They tried bringing her for a spin in the car to distract her and she started trying to grab the steering wheel. My middle sister had an oral language exam that she had to do online (they both go to the same university, I attend a different one). She started screaming that she couldn’t do it because the lecturer was evil. Middle sister locked herself in her bedroom and youngest sister tried to kick the door down. My father dragged her downstairs and had to lie on top of her on the couch until the exam was over.

My father emailed me because he thought seeing me might make her snap out of it and she had been asking to drive to the university I attend. I spent a couple days emailing him and then finally relented and rang him. He was crying on the phone and said that he was sorry for all that happened in the past and he just wants to put it behind him. I told him that I had no interest in talking to him and the only reason I was is because something is serious wrong with youngest sister. I got a bus from my city and he picked me up at the bus stop.

When we arrived back at the house I went upstairs alone to talk to her. She had destroyed her own room and is now in my old bedroom. When I went into the room I realised she was in the adjoining bathroom. I called out her name but she didn’t answer me so I just opened the door. She turned around and just starred at me for two minutes with this strange smile on her face. At first she didn’t answer any of my questions. I asked her if she knew who I was and she said of course. But for the entire evening she never once said my name and if I asked her what my name was she couldn’t tell me. The only thing she said in reference to me being her sister is that “You don’t look like my sister”. I asked her to clarify which sister but she wouldn’t answer. The room was a complete mess. It smelt and so did she. I noticed her college timetable stuck up on the wall and when I commented on it she ripped it down. My father wanted me to tell her about the extenuating circumstances she can get for her university exams, but she didn’t want to hear it and said she was dropping out. Then she started going on about how all the staff at her university hate her because she knows all about the drug trade they are operating. She ripped a page from a book, wrote a note to one of them, put some lipstick on to put a kiss on it and then gave it to me and told me to give it to the lecturer. I looked up the name afterwards and this is an actual lecturer at her university. She kept going on about drug dealing, rapists and murderers. She said the state killed our mother and that an uncle on my mother’s side (who we don’t talk to) came to the house to try to kidnap and rape her. She got out onto the windowsill of the bedroom and my father was down in the garden and shouted up at her asking what she was doing. She said that I was trying to push her out. I was standing over by the door because I was scared if I moved, I would provoke her. She climbed back down and then came over and gave me an extremely tight hug. She put all her weight on me and brought her legs up around my calves, so I was practically carrying her. She started biting me on the shoulder and I dropped her onto the bed. We went down into the kitchen and she noticed my bag on the counter. She started trying to search it for drugs. At this point I got a bit emotional because that bag was the last thing my mother fixed for me and I didn’t want her to ruin it so I yanked it away. I picked up all by stuff including a set of headphones. She said to me “Your headphones won’t save you now”. I went outside and locked my stuff in the car when she was distracted. She realised and tried to find the keys but they were in my pocket. I managed to get her back instead and tried to get her to eat some ice cream. She took some Omega-3 capsules from the cupboard, poured a load into the bowl and then ate it. My father came back inside and she sat down at the computer in the kitchen and started playing a Kendrick Lamar song very loudly. At some point in the song he uses the word sex and she turned at grinned at me and made a really sexual movement. Apparently, she has been making lots of overtly sexual comments. For the several hours I was there she kept randomly saying "Yep" and would say it in the middle of conversations as well. Then she decided she was going for a walk. My father tried to stop her because it was starting to rain. He blocked her from using the backdoor and she ran out the front door instead. I had to get a bus back to my university so that was the last I saw of her. Honestly, there are lots of other things she done but the whole evening has just become a blur in my mind.

My father rang our GP about this a week ago and they said there was nothing they could do for her and that they were busy vaccinating people. My father begged and they gave him a prescription for Xanax and said to give it to her three times a day. She wouldn’t take it so he has been hiding it in her food, but she hasn’t been eating three times a day and the Xanax she has ingested hasn't made any difference. The GP said to bring her to our local mental hospital. But my father doesn’t want to do that because his mother was a psychiatric nurse and he says that no one ever got fixed in a mental hospital, they just get trapped in them for the rest of their lives. From the way I seen her behaving yesterday I genuinely think she had some sort of serious mental illness like schizophrenia. However, my father disagrees. He thinks what ever is wrong with her that she will snap out of it. He has a friend who nearly became a priest, he done all the training but quit at the last minute and this friend thinks she has delayed grief. Her mother died two years ago, then I disappeared shortly after, in November 2019 four masked burglars broke into the house when she was home alone and now she has spent the last year doing remote classes because of COVID in the exact same house. They both think that all this is causing her issues, but I don’t think so. I think there is something seriously wrong with her and I don’t know how I can help. If nothing is done I fear she is going to do something bad.

I’m sorry for such a long ranting post and I’m sorry if it upset or triggered anyone. I have nowhere else to turn and I think my mother would be really disappointed in me if I didn’t at least try to help.

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