Upstate NY ticks in yard

I'm looking for help with ticks in my yard. The yard is tiny, and there are no wooded areas around, so I'm having trouble figuring out where they're coming from. We keep the lawn short and barely have any plants.

We do have bird feeders and robins, bluejays, and chickadees around, plus other birds I can't identify. There are likely mice, and rabbits certainly come through. No deer that I'm aware of. I'd prefer not to hurt the birds or make my yard less attractive to them, but my husband is at his wits' end.

We've found 3 ticks on the poor dog in two days, and he's only been in the yard. He's on Nexgard, so they're dying, but I'd rather treat the yard as well.

The yard is fenced, and we have a cement patio. It's probably 15 feet from the edge of the patio to the fence, and I'd suspect 20 feet across the yard as a whole. We have some older lilacs, but no other bushes, shrubs, etc. I can provide more info if it's helpful! Thank you for anything you can suggest.

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