In a state of non attachment or just dissociated?

basically yesterday I was explaining to my therapist how lately i’ve just felt super dissociated and not attached to any of my usual regular hobbies/things i’ve liked. I said i felt like my personal activities I used to partake in that made me ME (like, watching movies, taking care of plants, reading books, etc.) feel almost impossible to do now and i don’t feel any desire towards anything. To me, that sounds like major depression and I’ve also felt a bit dissociated, like not very connected to myself or my experiences these days. i described it as i felt just like a grey floating blob, which to me doesn’t seem great. to my surprise, she took that as me entering a “state of non attachment” and said i shouldn’t worry about it being depression or anything, but that i may just be on the brink of huge growth and a new form of self discovery. I am a fairly spiritual person myself and have always felt a little “advanced” mentally, but at the same time i haven’t actively been working towards a state of non attachment. So, my question is, does it sound like my therapist was a little off here? I’m seeing a psychiatrist in a few weeks and don’t know whether i should express my concerns as though i’m depressed and dissociated and risk falling down a hole of being over medicated, or do i lean into these feelings more and see if it is just some form of spiritual growth opportunity?

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