Dreams with meaning.

Sorry for the LONG post. I am a very spiritual minded person because of the dreams I've had throughout my life. I have been having dreams almost everyday since I was three years old or for as long as I can remember. I believe that some dreams carry deep meanings. Also they it's possible the we project during rem state sleep.. Maybe that there are many different dimensions that we project to.. So I would love you guys opinion on one of the many that I have had.

So I had a dream(a while back and on many occasions) that I had guest over to this beautiful house. I only knew the owner by HE(I'm assuming God) and I was the only one allowed within the home. Apparently HE was fond of me and there was some type of trust. The house was white and made of marble with beautiful pillars around the perimeter of the home. Inside was checker floors on which you could only step on certain tiles, and staues of Victorian art that were made of marble as well. I told my guest that I wasn't allowed to have anyone in the house or else HE would be upset and thay this was HIS home.

Now to the interesting part there was a balcony where you could see the "back yard". The back yard had seven pools. Each ranging in different shapes, sizes, and depths. The ground had concrete with beautiful plants grown from underneath instead regular grass. Some pools were dirty with moss and vines and others were cleared. I've had the same dream many times and at one point all pools where clear except for one. This one pool in particular was gated and unlike the other six pools which didn't have gates around them and had pretty light blue water(which you see in normal pools) this one was dark blueish purple and EXTREMELY(hundreds if not thousands of feet)deep. I told my guests that HE told me this was my pool and I was the only one allowed to enter it and that any other person who entered that pool would drown. I was the only one with the code and in one dream I watch a girl climb the fence a drown immediately as she jumped in.. Out of having this dream about 4 times I've drowned twice and manged to float once. One thing that I noticed is that If you panic you get pulled down even further. This pool seemed like a type of void that only those who are ready can enter and survive.

I'm super anxious to hear what y'all have to say!

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