are you overwatering your plants?

hi! i wanted to share a journal entry with you because i feel like maybe someone out there needs to hear this, or maybe we can have a nice discussion.

as beings we are constantly building different relationships and connections with all of the people we encounter, career decisions, even the home you choose. as with most living things, if they are not being tending to then they will die. a relationship for example, is a connection two people share, thus a tiny little seed is formed. formed solely on interest, and as you go on dates (plant the seeds), better learn eachother (seeds are sprouting), and grow and evolve together this plant is also evolving. a relationship is a living thing, so you must tend to it. water it, change the soil if needed etc. but when is it too much? when are we putting so much into our plants we lose our own identity and it starts to feel like a hassle? this doesn’t benefit ourselves or the plant.

i wrote this due to new feelings of wanting distance from loved ones, i feel as though i’m constantly contributing and giving that there will soon no more to contribute or give to myself. sometimes responding back to friends and family is a hassle. i’m doing so much healing while i myself am hurting. that is not healthy nor something that i plan to continue doing. i must make sure i am 120% well so i can give that extra 20% to others. i’d love to hear everybody’s thoughts/comments. stay well. ❤️

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