How to Grow an Enormous Vegetable Garden with Very Little Work

John from visits a gardener who barely works in his garden nowadays yets has tons of food to eat in Las Vegas, Nevada right off the Las Vegas Strip. Las Vegas is one of the most difficult places in the United States to grow food due to its extreme climate.
In this episode, you will learn how you can grow an enormous garden with very little work.
First, John will give you a tour of the little work garden at a mobile home part, so you can learn about the specific plants that can easily grow with very little input on your end. You will learn about perennial vegetables and annual vegetables that will readily re-seed on their own, so they plant themselves, so you don’t have to.

Next, you will learn how you need to set up your garden so that it can work without you. You will learn many of the different elements that are required to grow food without you having to show up and tend to your garden every day.

You will learn how having a microgreens business helped him to make his little-work garden a reality by mulching with the flats of his microgreens after harvest to put coconut coir and some ungerminated seeds into his garden.

Finally, John will interview El Toro Loco to learn more about his secrets to having an abundant garden with very little work.

After watching this episode, you will learn how you can grow lots of food in a small space with very little work.

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