Red flags at position I just had (pest control tech) (and quit from), what do you guys think?

I came into this position completely green.

So one of the biggest things that was a red flag for me was lack of communication. The service manager would almost never contact me personally about anything, instead, talking with other people. Wouldn’t email/call me about the future of my position/work there basically, and has been having a guy training me who has been only working one year there, overall limited exp in pest control.

He told me to spray down peoples mulch beds with the pesticide despite the trainer telling me that wasn’t necessary (only perimeter/only on customer request), including their pollinated plants. Trainer told me that is illegal.

Company expects on average that houses be done in 15-20 mins. 2 houses per hour or else you aren’t efficient. Sounds reasonable on the surface right? Many assignments I had to do seemed unrealistic to finish it in that time frame – people leave all sorts of shit around their house, they can be big houses too, with lots of spider webs. Even yesterday a guy’s deck has a massive hole in the middle! (missing planks). Dewebbing can take a longass time at some places, leading it to being more like a 30 min job of like 20 mins of pure dewebbing.

Company also does not pay for drive time to first assignment.

Service manager when asked about taking breaks – “if time permits”. Trainer told me most people do not eat while working (shifts are usually around 10-11 hours long) since they are so busy. Yesterday I arrived at work at 8 am and got back at 9, around a 45 min drive back home from the last assignment with a somewhat short commute to and from the last assignment to home. This is unusual though. I only got to take a 15 min break and we still used up daylight.

Those are just some of the red flags I saw IMO, my phone is going really slow now so I don’t want to add more to this body of text.

BTW this isn’t my intended career, I’ve just been doing it to make money for college classes.

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