Two bird encounters, any interpretations?

I feel a bit silly lmao but it's all in good fun nonetheless. Two stories, find me a dEePeR meaning if you will.

I generally like to sleep with my window open, you know, a little cool breeze, a little stargazing, but you dont exactly go to sleep with an open window expecting to wake up to a pigeon on your bed. It was a rainy morning, so I figure he wanted some shelter, but it was still a bit of a shock when i woke up to a gentle poking at my leg to look down and find a pigeon pecking at it. Ofcourse like any normal person who wakes up to a random bird on them I freaked out a bit, mostly because i was groggy and disgruntled and could not process there was a pigeon at my feet, so I may have jumped off the bed immediately kinda screaming MAMA. (It wasnt that dramatic, okay? It was a levelheaded but raised voice mama) Once said mama came and confirmed there was a pigeon on my bed I was calmed down a bit though, and she told me to go get rice and water (which i wouldve done anyway, but I was in shock, okay?), and so we set about to welcoming peggy the pigeon. Well it wasnt my idea of a welcome, I quite hated it really, my mum kept hogging the him, trying to get him to eat out of her hands and taking videos all the while (one thing you should know about me, I do not have the best relationship with my mum, thing number two, I dont like people documenting everything, so it was a bit awkward for me when she spent the whole time with one hand on the bed with peggy eating the rice out of it whilst the other was recording everything). I was also a bit peeved that she didn't let me feed it, after all it was MY pigeon on MY bed (it's a free spirit its not "my" pigeon lmao bit I was feeling a tad selfish and pissed"), when she finally left with her camera roll filled to her appetite Peggy's was pretty much filled as well, so he hardly took like 2 pecks out of my hand before he was done. (He looked like a peggy and he looked like a he alright dont judge the naming) Naturally, I was a bit disheartened, because you know, the whole pigeons take a liking to people who feed them thing, so I thought he'd want nothing to do with me and be all over my mum, cause honestly I did nothing but freak out when I found it and stare whilst my mum did all the work lmao. She tried to pet him a lot (he refused) which also pissed me in the moment because I'm a tad prejudiced that way, and I'm not all for petting animals unless they want to be petted anyway. I thought hed leave now that she left so I was a but peeved, but I didnt really force it, gotta give them their space ya know, it makes me uncomfy when people hog animals like that, ykwim? I frikking love animals too, but the same principle with not plucking a flower you love, you know? Being all over it because its exotic and pretty makes me pretty uncomfy, leave it alone if you like it so much. That being said, I did try to pet it, but not like directly, more of a can I pet you thing, I didnt pursue it further when it backed up, it is a wild pigeon after all, probably not a fan of petting nor accustomed to it. Since it didnt leave and I had stuff on my computer anyway I just chatted away to it whilst it kinda toured my room bed lmao, I tried leaving to make myself some oatmeal literally twice- imagine my shock when it actually FOLLOWED ME. Another fun fact, I have a jealous hyperactive golden retriever, who did not take very kindly to peggy. In my room peggy was safe because she knows shes not allowed to come in and just barked at peggy from the boundaries, but anywhere outside is free territory. Peggy got chased back into the room after trying to follow me twice lmao, I had to put off my oatmeal though it was like 10 and I was practically starving, so we just continued in my room with the laptop. He had no problem with actually being close to me, it's just the petting he doesnt like. I had to scold him and shoo him coz he got a bit too comfy pecking at my laptop screen though. Anyway, peggy was a bit sick. One side of his beak was swollen, and he had green wormy poo (he pooped on my favorite companion since childhood teddy bear, yay). I tried a third time to leave my room and make some oats, and you know, threes the charm. He flew out and tried fo follow me but my dog succeeded this time, and he flew to the balcony, it was a mess, my dog chased him out of there too and when I came to see what was going on, I found him waiting outside the kitchen windowsill. I figured I'd get a box or something so he could roost until I figured out if there was a way to cure him if he really was sick, but by the time I got one, and went to the balcony to check if he was still on the windowsill he was gone. I never saw him again unfortunately, even if I had left the window open the next day, which I couldnt because wed heard of a new bug infestation that day and started shutting the windows, it's a large apart complex, and a very window looks the same, would he have found me? Maybe the water which I left out, bit I dont think he came here again. Anyway point is, sick pigeon, followed me around the house, even though I did not really get a chance to feed it you woulda thunk he would be more attached to my mum. Any divine revelations? Signs? Symbolism? A couple days later it was laaate night, and it was a more than usually starry night (it's an urban area, that was the most stars I'd seen in years), and I looked down to the garden to see one pigeon pecking away below my flat. This is probably like 1, 2 in the morning lmao. It's probably stupid and unrelated but i was like MAYBE THATS PEGGY and I took it as a sign to go stargazing downstairs (I wanted to anyway, I was just on edge about sneaking out whilst my mum was sleeping, bit I took the pigeon as a sign lmao). Unfortunately, by the time I got down, no pigeon, and it was cloud cover so no stars either. I just sat awhile and headed back up. That was unrelated and its probably a random pigeon lmao but still.

Encounter two, today. I was walking back home from the store when I found a dead crow. Beheaded. Face up. The head was nowhere to be found, it was a bit of a gruesome sight though, the poor thing. It was clean, not bloody but the spine part of the head was still there, just the bones, and everything else fresh. A little way away there was the spattering of blood and feathers, I looked around for the head, I cant imagine why anyone would do such a thing, I cant think of any animals living in an apartment complex that take interest in just a birds head. The beaks not particularly valuable? But yea, the rest of the crows sort of had a funeral procession around it, I searched it up on Google, their behavior, I didnt expect it. They were all cawing like crazy going round and round in circles. Anyway I picked it up and put it at the foot of a plant nearby (it was literally in the middle of the path) come to think of it I probably should've folded its wings. Anyway, I figured I'd get a flower or something to lay it to rest and walked a little way, and weirdly enough just the one i wanted was on the path, cut clean off already (it's one of those hard stalks flowers, there arent many flower flowers), sonic just took that and went back and stuck it beside the head, so it covered the fleshy part. The crows were there the whole time flying round and round in circles, I was lowkey scared they'd attack me lmao but luckily they didnt. I parked my butt on the bench nearby (another rainy day so yay) and googled a bit before I came home. So that's that. A beheaded crow on my way back home. What's going on in the signs of life world.

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