#1 Tip to Speed Up Vegetable Plant Growth & Increase Yield

John from http://www.growingyourgreens.com/ shares with you his #1 Tip to Get All Your Vegetable Plants in the Garden to Grow Fast & Yield More.
In this episode, you will learn how to speed up your plant growth by making your plants more efficient at uptaking nutrients from the soil.
You will learn the secrets to bring your soil alive and how to create the healthiest rhizosphere for your plants so they can be healthier, grow faster, and produce more food.

First, John will show you how fast his peppers have grown in about 40 days after transplanting. You will learn why he applied compost tea daily for the first two weeks. You will see the difference it makes. You will see how John is getting a dozen peppers on one plant! You will learn about the ideal temperature to grow your summer crops and how temperature can influence your growth.

Next, you will learn about compost tea and microbes and why they are essential for faster growth in your garden. You will learn about why he uses compost tea as his primary method for introducing beneficial bacteria & Fungi into his garden, as well as some other ways to introduce microbes into the garden including using Soil Balance microbes. You will Learn about Plant Sucess microbes that John applies to every transplant root zone before planting.

Next, you will learn the importance of regular feeding of the microbes that will encourage a growth spike in your plants by feeding them with various minerals, amino acids, and other foods.

After watching this episode, you will learn the best way you can get your plants to grow faster by revving up the soil food web engine so that you can create higher yields and grow food fast.

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