The flies are taking over my backyard

Hey all,

I've been dealing with a fly issue in my backyard that makes the space fairly unusable in its current state. For reference, my backyard is L shaped, and has a shared fence with two neighbors on each side. One neighbor has a fair amount of plants and fruit trees in their backyard, which I think is what is attracting all these flies. My backyard is half concrete and half astroturf, so I don't think there is anything specific in my yard that would be attracting them.

So far, my only line of defense has been to buy some fly traps from home depot (Rescue disposable fly traps). I initially started with one, but it attracted (and killed) so many flies that I added a second one. Both traps have killed thousands of flies and have had to be replaced within 2-3 weeks, but the flies still persist.

I'm not sure the fly traps are buying me much here. While they do kill a ton of flies, there are two issues with them. One is that they attract more flies! There's often a ton of flies just flying around the traps. It keeps them consolidated to one area, but my backyard is fairly small, so I can't really go near the fly traps. The other issue is that the fly traps start to smell very bad after a few days of collecting dead flies. The smell is putrid and again prevents me from going near the area in my backyard.

So I'm not sure how to resolve this issue. It seems like the flies will continue to come no matter what I do, and my current efforts to stave them off have been met with little success. I'm wondering what other solutions you all might have to mitigate this issue. I've considered installing some netting in my backyard, but the way the yard is set up does not give me a lot of options for setting some up. Am I doomed?

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