‘Incubus demons’/negative entities/energy attacking me sexually

Hi 🙂 Looking to acquire knowledge about my experiences with what i'm going to refer to as incubus demons (call them what you wish). It's a bit embarrassing to write about my experiences with these, so please only reply if you have knowledge on the topic or have similar experiences.

From a young age I suffered with severe depression (for as long as I could remember, even as a toddler) and I would always tell my mom that I believed I had demons inside of me (though I was raised in an atheist household).

After a suicide attempt and as I grew up and discovered my spirituality, I started to feel in control of my energy and was less depressed consequently but the entities are still around. I see them in my sleep (sleep paralysis) and feel them when I am awake. I've reached a point in my spirituality where I can see through my eyelids, astral project and communicate with spirit but I also think it comes with feeling/seeing negative entities/demons more often.

I just experienced the most vivid 'incubus' sleep paralysis in my life because I was completely awake but had my eyes closed with an eye mask on. Here's how it went and where it gets a little weird; I lay down in my bed and meditated for about 40 minutes. I raised my vibration to a point where I could feel myself floating above my body. I stayed in that state for a while, and eventually just fell asleep and had beautiful dreams of fields and flowers and being with my loved ones.

Once I had completely woken up, but my eyes were still closed under my eye mask (it was mid-day), I called upon an incubus because I was feeling rather… well… h*rny, and I know that they've definitely satisfied me before unfortunately. This was a very stupid thing to do considering I had just worked to raise my vibration. Is it possible that an incubus felt my strong life force/positive energy from my meditation and coaxed me into this to steal some for themselves? The minute I had the idea to let one in, it entered me, and I accepted it. Once I accepted it into me, I felt a whoosh come up onto my whole body and pinned me down. It quickly no longer became sexual and was just me, pinned down, feeling my whole body tingle as energy was being sucked out of me. I initially felt terrified as I do when I experience 'sleep' paralysis but remembered to stay calm, started scanning my body from head to toe with loving energy and called upon Archangel Michael and the demon progressively vanished, at which point I took off my eye mask, but it took quite a bit of work/time. I was completely awake during the experience and was no longer asleep, though it did completely paralyze me so I wasn't able to open my eyes despite being awake. (Hard to explain or believe if you haven't experienced it yourself!)

After I got up, I spoke out loud, tried banishing the entity with my words, told it to find what it's looking for elsewhere. After I did, I checked my phone for the time and it was 1:11pm.

I am fascinated by everything I've been experiencing since my spiritual awakening begun and am looking to discuss/gain knowledge/hear about other experiences. Thank you for remaining kind and non-judgemental 🙂 <3

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