Kundalini awakening, Psychosis, Calcification of the pineal gland and Buddhism

Kundalini awakening descriptors seem to be describing psychosis.

Now, the reason why this matters, is because psychosis causes a psychological pruning. Then once you overcome the trauma, your brain is suggestible to whatever you move into once you start recovering. So its often a cult tactic to take advantage of people to buy their books, pay for their classes, *actual cult groups*, etc.

You might be skeptical, thats fine, but bear with me.

Excess glutamate in the hippocampus, causes psychosis. This happens because it accelerates the rate at which calcium is taken into your cells, causing calcification. This triggers anxiety, depression, psychosis, and can worsen stroke, can cause panic attacks, trigger trauma, etc.

Kundalini awakening is described as 'a powerful experience thats often challenging and can change your perception of reality' give or take. A real enlightenment experience, is not necessarily challenging. Like, a person suddenly living a healthy lifestyle, doesn't require a challenge. It requires something to finally click- thats enlightenment. When the pieces fall into place. Thats peace, thats nirvana, thats enlightenment.

If you are satisfied, you do not desire. You would have no need for their books, their courses, their meetings. If you are desperate, or grateful to them, you will. But thats out of desire. Desire is a trap. The trap buddhism teaches you not to fall for.

Meditation actually lowers hippocampus glutamate, if it does not cut into your sleep schedule. I recommend memory meditation. Loop a relaxing tune from your childhood. If you have a true past block from trauma, it may temporarily surface, emphasis on temporarily. Understand it. Then let go of it. Focus on the good memories, on the healthy or fun memories. Not out of desire, but out of self elevation. Understand the good memories, understand others from your life in your past. Understand the good traits.

The hippocampus is responsible for memory. Be calm, and gentle with the process, but also observant and understanding. This is the best way to reduce blocks, because blocks stem from confusion, misunderstanding, contradiction. Pain isn't caused by a bad event necessarily, its because of how the bad event conflicts with your baseline, because it gives a different conflicting impression of reality. Which is why understanding is the true path to enlightenment.

Understanding requires self honesty and self transparency. You do not need to open old wounds. But where growth happens, is off of old growth. Like, if you have a damaged hand. You give it physical therapy to get better. You do not, hide it away and pretend it doesn't exist. You understand whats wrong, and do what results in good. This is why people cannot move forward, because they have trouble understanding because understanding conflicts with what they previously believed about the world, and this is where the true conflict comes from.

If someone punches me on the nose, I might think they are rude, that I offended them, or I was in a fight or sparring. I don't hide my broken nose in shame or disgust, I would have to wear a mask entirely to keep that up, which also requires further explanation. Which is why you do this with indifference to others. Thats what it means to be true to yourself and to be honest with yourself.

Once you let go of all the distractions, and memories that are personal. You can remember the impersonal: the real reality. You can remember flowers. What its like to run in the grass or catch frogs. What its actually like to work out. You can see reality for what it is, this teaches zen buddhism. If one defines reality, instead of observing reality, they do not see, they think. Which is why zen buddhism focuses on improvised self defense, why it focuses on the moment. The buddha holds a flower, so people can enjoy the flower. Not so they think what it means. Its not a message. Its the beauty of actual reality. Its to be devoid of a narrative, devoid of interrelationships to various things in your mind.

And this is the secret, to 'no desire'. Its how to be happy, already. How to see reality for what it is, without personal bias.

If you are unhealthy, before doing meditation I recommend morning exercise. Because if you have a weak heart, meditating is basically just sitting more. Exercise helps the mind more than many think. More muscles moving means more neurons are firing. Thats the real secret to using more of your brain. Move more.

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