Mosquito fogger: How do you make solution for a thermal fogger with pyrethrin concentrate?

I live in Canada and pretty much everything effective is banned here as far as I can tell, I have access to pyrethrin, but I'm having trouble finding how to use it probably, or if it's my best option.

I'm pretty much trapped in my house for July and August and need to find a solution. I cant even weed my garden or sit on my deck.. even on a ride on mower I have a swarm following me within 5 mins, I spen the entire time swatting at my arms and face, and my back is covered in bites by the time I'm done. I have 8 acres so whatever I use would not bother the neighbors

From what I've found you mix pyrethrin with diesel, is that correct? It seems dangerous to heat up diesel and turn it into a mist lol.

There is so much information I'm having a hard time narrowing it down to what I need to do

I've tried the garlic spray, pretty much does nothing other then rile then up..

Any help here would be greatly appreciated

Edit: Pretty sure I can get my hands on permethrin concentrate as well

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