How do I get rid of paper wasps and make sure they never come back?

I do not want to hear about how they are beneficial for the environment. So are bees and I don’t want them near our home either. I have deep seated trauma with stinging insects so much so that the second I see a bee, I panic and the neighbors look at me like a lunatic.

I just want to go to my car, check my mail and take the trash out in peace without worrying about getting stung. I don’t want them building nests at my door, my garage, and my patio. I don’t even want to see them flying around my yard. I want them 50 feet away from my property.

This is my bf’s parent’s house so we want to minimize damage to the property, or remove flowers etc. We are hermits, so we almost never go outside.

I also want them away from my car. For whatever reason, they like to crawl in my side mirrors. It freaks me out every time I come home from errands.

I bought so many products off Amazon, including a bee suit. So I can get things done in my yard. I bought repellents, I bought the ortho home defense spray, but it has not worked AT ALL.

I’m happy to pay $400 for pest control if it guarantees that these bastards never come back.

How do you get rid of these stinging wasps and keep them far away from my home?

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