Anger issues in relationships

Hey ya'll

I recently posted on r/askgaybros about my recent breakup with a guy I've been dating for a year and the messy break up we went through. The only people I've talked to in regards to this is my family who are obviously taking my side and telling me things they feel I need to hear.

I'm going to admit that I have had issues with my anger in certain situations in the past – usually in my relationships. With my most recent break-up, that anger resurfaced the day he decided to pack up and leave. Obviously I was hurt but I felt the only way to get a reaction out of him was to break two of his favourite potted plants, which was a huge mistake. I should've left him and use the time to reflect on my emotions and our whole relationship. Now he blocked my number and all social media accounts. I'm at a point where even thinking of him and how he left me makes me want to hurt him even more.

Things were bad, I smoked weed almost every day for the past 5 years (3 weeks sober) and realised too late that it had a negative influence on our relationship (and maybe even previous ones) . I need to fix myself before I'm able to enter another relationship again but I would love to tell him that I'm sorry for the way I acted and try and amend things, even if it's just to be friends.

What can I do to cope with my anger?

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