Have I seen a ghost or idk?!

I just started walking my cat on a leash and when we when out of our little garden she was became scared. She would look behind her with wide open eyes and lower herself but she didn’t wanted to go back in our garden because thats where she was scared. To be honest I did feel my energi was draining out and I don’t usually feel that way. ( This whole thing I’m gonna tell you lasted about 10-15 sek) I thought we could go around the house to the front but halfway she freeked out and couldn’t move. I felt terible and when I looked back I saw a lady walking past bye. You know I said hello and all that stuff and she said too and she was nice compared to how the cat was acting. When I looked back on the cat and towards where the lady was, she was gone. And then the cat just started running in a okey pace back towards the garden. I looked around again but she wasn’t anywhere and our naborhood is really strait looking and we were surounded by a meadow, playground and a road. So ether it was me going crazy thinking she vanished into thin air or I’ve seen a ghost. I have only seen animals (could be wild or pets) who have past away.

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