I having a wonderful time on Earth.

I am not sure how I know, but, somewhere deep inside me, I know all this is for me.

For example, I went out on my deck one night a couple weeks ago. The moon was out and it was centered over our little pond which is centered right off our deck. It was a really clear night and you could see the dark side of the moon and make out a sphere. The stars were bright and shining.

It hit me, that this was a portrait created just for me. It was planned, timed and executed to perfection the moment I stepped into that deck.

My life is very much the same. I am so grateful for my family and my friends and for the beautiful Earth that we get to enjoy.

I've come to this place spiritually where I believe I am living the best possible version of my life. That belief is manifesting a reality I can only describe as heaven on earth.

Again, it has been planned, timed and executed to perfection.

It's really hard to convey what I get to experience. Beyond the everyday life, I also get to plug into these compounds from plants. They seem to impact me in ways other humans cannot imagine. I get to peak behind the veil of reality and just marvel in awestruck wonder at this amazing creation we have created. The complexity of our creation is matched only by it's beauty and grace. The human experience is driven by such an amazing, impossible, machine.

I feel very thankful to be me here now.

I know some of you feel the opposite or maybe somewhere in-between. I want you call to know that you will be here where I am, someday. You will get to the top of the mountain too. It's just a matter of time.

Anyway, I am feeling grateful and just really wanted to express it. Thank you for being my sounding board.

I wish you all well.

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