Sex, Money, and Spiritual Health

This is part 1 of 5 in my new series on how the human soul navigates the material world, or 3D. I'm a professional chakra healer, and as always, I'll be talking about the chakras.

The Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart and Throat chakras correspond with the five elements. Today, I'm talking about the Root chakra and the Earth element. The four lower chakras rule spiritual, emotional, physical, and mental health, so I'll be discussing each in this series.

The Root chakra is the chakra of feeling safe and secure within the body, and within the physical world. It corresponds with the Earth element, which is the element of abundance, sensuality, and enjoying physicality. It is the chakra of spiritual health, and those in the pinnacle of spiritual health are emotionally and financially secure. Yes, I know that might be hard for you to believe. Isn't the love of money the root of all evil? And aren't many wealthy and powerful people spiritually dead and morally corrupt? Hear me out, please.

In my previous post, titled "Levels of Consciousness", I talked about how the Root chakra is the portal to the 1st dimension, the natural world. The natural world and material world are overlapping one another, and both physical, but not the same thing. If you're familiar with the book of Genesis in the Holy Bible, which is almost entirely metaphorical, then you know mankind ("Adam and Eve") once lived in the "Garden of Eden"–well, that was the 1st dimension of consciousness, mankind's connection to the natural world and Mother Earth. It was Heaven on Earth, or the spirit being grounded, rooted, here in the physical.

Mankind knew too much too soon (Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil), which feels a lot like insanity. A spiritual awakening triggers the Dark Night of the Soul, or a period of confronting your own shame and your darkness. Adam and Eve felt deeply ashamed with this heightened perception, and shame cannot coexist with feelings of security, so they became ungrounded, ejected from the state of consciousness known as Eden. Keeping in mind that Adam and Eve represent humanity, you have to understand that humanity has been going through a collective Dark Night of the Soul ever since our origin. We are an interesting hybrid, part animal and part divine, so to favor one part over the other uproots someone. You cannot judge or reject your animal nature and still experience spiritual bliss.

The book of Revelation talks about the return to Eden, a state of consciousness that each individual has the power to attain through spiritual health. The book of Revelation was a metaphor for what is happening right now, the Age of Aquarius. If you're reading this, and interested in spirituality, chances are you've felt this shift in consciousness that humanity is undergoing. This shift caused the pandemic. At a soul level, people are absolutely tired of working like slaves to survive. We know we were meant to THRIVE. We know we chose to be born, and to fulfill our soul purpose, and to enjoy the pleasures of being in a physical body. What a time to be alive.

So how do you anchor your Higher Self/spirit into Earth, and make it Heaven on Earth? How do you truly become grounded? Is it spending time in nature? Walking barefoot, or "earthing"? Nope. If it were that easy, many homeless people would be ecstatic, because they're outdoors all the time. It requires–you guessed it–shadow work. There is no getting around it. You must go through your Dark Night of the Soul, not resist it, avoid it, or spiritually bypass it with your "positive affirmations" and meditation as a form of escapism. But the dawn after the dark will be the brightest you've ever seen. If you can be brave enough to face your own shadow, it will be beautiful.

Most people alive have a blocked Root chakra, and are in poor spiritual health. You can tell, because they're insecure. In order to try to fill the void of how deeply insecure they feel, they chase wealth and fame. They want attention, success, accolades, accomplishments, a curated public image on social media. Many people will flaunt their material possessions, or their sexuality, in an attempt to get validation of their worth. Money is currency, and sexuality is currency too.

You can have a Root chakra blockage and be extremely wealthy, or live in abject poverty, or anything in between. One thing is for sure–people with a blocked Root chakra are materialistic, and that means the majority of people on this planet are materialistic. The ones who don't have money believe they'd feel safe and secure if they did–but then they get money, and they're still just as insecure and traumatized, as we see with many celebs. I've had rich clients, even a few who were famous, and they're not any more secure or satisfied with life than your average person. In fact, fame tends to magnify their insecurities, and force them into shadow work. That's why many abuse drugs to escape what they're feeling. It gets dark. There's nothing wrong with wanting creature comforts, but you shouldn't value possessions more than you value yourself. You've got to consider yourself invaluable to not lose yourself.

Having a healthy Root chakra requires you to have ALL your physical and non physical needs met, which is why shadow work is essential. Wants and needs are the same thing. You cannot make yourself un-want your soul desires. When people tell themselves they don't "need" it, and it's just a luxury or fantasy, the need doesn't go away. It becomes a part of their shadow self. They will fool themselves into consciously thinking they're fine without it, but it haunts them, and they'll often do unfavorable or manipulative things to try to get those unmet needs met. That's how the shadow self is at war with someone until they integrate it, causing inner turmoil that manifests as personal drama.

One of the greatest human needs is not for food, water, shelter, or clothing, but for a sense of belonging. Belonging in this world, and belonging among a particular group of people, a family. Many people who have focused only on their career and public image do not have this. They are so committed to their concocted image or persona that nobody knows the real them, or wants to, and they have many users and hanger-ons, and they are unfathomably lonely and insecure. Other people belong to such a toxic group that they cannot rise above it. They cannot thrive, because we are who we hang around. The need for a supportive environment cannot be overstated. That's why people going through spiritual crisis will be REMOVED from environments no longer serving them. Divorce, career change, or moving to a new location are incredibly common.

When I work with clients, it's my job to see their chakra blockages, and guide them through shadow work to help them find the source of those blockages. I do this through first looking at their natal astrology chart, reading the energy of it and jotting down notes, then channeling messages from their spirit guides during our session, asking appropriate questions, and holding space for them to release emotions without shame. Recently I had a client whose chart was very Earth element heavy, and I could see their Root chakra was blocked because they were too generous with their time, their presence, and their money. I could see they did not value themselves. It was interesting, because their overarching theme this lifetime was to overcome financial hardship through self care, allowing them to flourish, and be generous with those who cherish them as they've learned to cherish themselves. Yet, when I asked them why they booked the session, they didn't even mention money issues. It was only after I asked questions did we get to the heart of it. They had spent their life being overly generous, and poor, believing they didn't deserve money for themselves, only for gifting others. They kept saying they wanted to succeed to help their parents. They had this huge Root chakra blockage formed in childhood, when they were raised to think wanting anything for themselves was selfish.

Here's the problem–the material, manmade world is overlapping the natural world, and YOU are the natural world. The material world is a reflection of you and your nature. If you do not value yourself, or believe you deserve nice things for yourself, and you can only allow yourself to dream of giving your fortune away to others, you will remain broke forever. You will only ever have what you feel personally entitled to. Nothing more and nothing less.

There's this misconception that our abundance depends on what we do for a living, so we have to choose a career with practicality. Believing this is a trap. There are people who are abundant no matter what they do. They can switch careers throughout life, or be unemployed for a while, and somehow always land on their feet. There are other people who have every advantage, but they have money problems regardless. Tori Spelling is a perfect example of this. She's not a former client, but I've looked at her chart, and it makes perfect sense that despite being born into a life of extreme privilege and having Hollywood connections, she's constantly struggling. She's an insecure person who doesn't like what she sees in the mirror. You have to change how you feel about yourself before the world can reflect it back to you. Changing your job title is not enough. And if the pandemic has showed us anything, it's that there is no such thing as job security. You might as well do whatever the hell you want to do, and receive compensation for it.

It's also important to do things that matter to you. Do things that are emotionally rewarding, and feel entitled to compensation, and you will receive it every time. Every person alive has a unique gift to share with the world. Some people have a few, and they can enjoy multiple streams of income. If you don't value what you're putting out into the world, or you don't value yourself, no one else can. You can love what you do, and have all the talent in the world, but if you don't believe you deserve to be paid for it, you won't be. You decide your level of emotional and financial abundance. You decide how fulfilled you want to be this lifetime. That's why it doesn't make any sense to be bitter and envious when you see someone succeeding that you don't think is skilled enough, or worked hard enough, and claim it's not fair. It's very fair. They decided their worth, and you can too.

We have to talk about sex when talking about the Root chakra and spiritual health. Sex is sacred, and sexual ecstasy is spiritual ecstasy. Sex is currency, but you have to be very careful what you're exchanging it for. Many people use sex for a false sense of connection and belonging. This will not obliterate your insecurities, it'll only aggravate them when your relationships are empty and you're not treasured. Others use sex because "sex sells", or because they wish to "secure the bag" if they have money problems. They think they can evade their own money problems by attracting a spouse that doesn't have money problems, but it doesn't work that way. The relationship becomes very toxic, and sometimes abusive, in these situations. Whenever someone is dependent on another for their survival, there can be no balance or harmony. Also, no matter how much sex workers make, they chase financial security. They never have quite enough to relax. You cannot use your genitals to make money issues go away, or to feel wanted.

Every client I've had who went through a Dark Night of the Soul went through a period of celibacy, including those who were in loving relationships. Sexual shame is the norm in our society, and you have to confront your shame to unblock your Root and feel secure. It'll make your relationships and your sex life better than you ever imagined. Sex in a grounded person is a holy experience. Part of feeling secure in your body is knowing that you're more than your body, and have so much more to offer.

So what does the return to Eden look like for you? Be honest with yourself, and accept all your hidden desires as legitimate needs.

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