Need help getting rid of bug

Hi all. Lately I’ve been getting mosquitos bites on my ankles from sitting on the couch. I have 2 couches & a recliner. I’ve washed all slip covers repeatedly and vacuumed underneath. The first time I got bitten on my ankle, it certainly looked like a mosquito bite. Another time, I took a nap on the couch and later found 3 small bites around each of my ankles as well (this time it looked & felt like a mosquito bite but it was much smaller like the size of a pimple).

I don’t see any bugs when I clean the couch nor around the house (just a typical open window fly) so I don’t know what kind of bug I am dealing with. I did see ants before but not anymore. My mom likes to garden in the backyard and then she’ll rest on the couch for a bit so maybe it could be from that. I don’t know what is going on and how to get rid of it! I am afraid it probably has gotten into my (indoor) cat’s bed or everyone elses’ too. How do I get rid of it!? Any feedback is appreciated thank you!!

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